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My brakes were fixed the same day that I brought my car in which was a huge relief. Quick and friendly service that I can count on.
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$22.95 Oil Change and Check Up
Includes: Oil & Filter change (Up to 5 qts.). 23 point inspection. Check antifreeze & all fluids. Complete brake inspection. Check exhaust system. Inspect all belts & hoses. Check lights. Test battery & charging system. Consultation with any problem(s) with your vehicle. Plus tax and disposal fees. Good for most light cars and light trucks. Limited time offer. ... more »
$10 Off Cooling System Flush and Fill
Includes: Chemically Flush System. Inspect Cap & Hoses. Pressure Test. Fill w/ Proper Coolant. One coupon per customer. Not valid with other discounts. Limited time offer. ... more »
$20 Off Transmission Fluid Flush and Refill
Recommended every 30,000 miles, more frequently for tow vehicles. One coupon per customer. Not valid with other discounts. Limited time offer.

60k Service In Tulsa, OK

One of the most extensive servicing of your car happens at the 60k service. This is perhaps the most important of your car’s maintenance milestones. Here at Cartec Automotive Services in Tulsa, we know this quite well and take your 60k service seriously. We want your car to perform at the peak of it’s capabilities. There’s no reason why a car modern car, that is properly maintained, can’t be running perfectly at 60k. Undertaking this service helps keep it that way for another 60,000 miles!

The list of services performed at this time in your car’s life is pretty extensive. There are oil changes, filter changes, lubrication of several points and a number of inspections. What exactly will happen depends on our car. Honda, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, BMW, Dodge and all the other manufacturers out there have different requirements for not only their brand, but for each model as well. Your owner’s manual, and car history, outline what will be needed and will be recommended. Here at Cartec Automotive Services we understand that and will be sure to give your vehicle the attention it needs and deserves.

A number of warranties require that the 60k service outlined in the owner’s manual is performed. So this is not only an important step to take when caring for your car but it may also be essential for the warranty you signed. Come in to Cartec Automotive Services in Tulsa for your 60k service to keep your car running and your warranty covered. We’ll have your car back to you quickly so you can be back on the road.