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Why You Should Change Your Car’s Air Filters

Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

Allergies are never fun. But during the COVID-19 era, having allergies is the worst! It’s not that the allergies will kill you. But, in our heightened sense of respiratory health and social distancing, a sneeze or a cough could get you suspicious looks from anyone standing near you. Therefore, if you can do your best to prevent or reduce your allergy symptoms, you’re in a good spot!

Every Spring, Cartec Automotive Services in Tulsa recommends changing the cabin air filters in your vehicle to reduce your exposure to allergens. Not many people are aware of how dirty their air filters can get. When they get an oil change service, the engine air filter is often displayed with all sorts of grime and debris before being thrown out. But not many people take a moment to inspect their cabin air filters.

Here are the three main reasons we say you should change your cabin air filters.

  1. Flooded roads. Here in Tulsa, we have flooded streets every Spring. When the flash floods bring the water level up high enough, the water touches the undercarriage of your vehicle and hits your engine air filter. If the filter is are in trouble. Because of the heavy rains and humidity in Tulsa, this helps the mold growth in the cabin air filter. A new air filter should help your engine get the fresh air it needs to operate, and it benefits the air inside the cabin as well.


  1. Pollen. We love Spring because of all the beautiful plants and flowers that are blooming. However, with all this beauty, we are additionally blessed with extra pollen. If you’ve seen the exterior of your car or truck dusted with a light-yellow layer of pollen, you know it gets everywhere...including your cabin air filter. Do yourself a favor every May and bring your vehicle to Cartec Automotive Services in Tulsa to get your cabin air filter replaced.


  1. COVID-19. Like we mentioned before, now is not the time to get sick. Anyone who is sniffling, sneezing, coughing, has a stuffy-head, and showing respiratory issues is suspected of having the Coronavirus. Allergies happen every Spring to a lot of us, but health is your greatest wealth right now. Lower the number of allergens getting inside your vehicle and reduce your symptoms.

Not only can you expect great service when we replace your vehicle’s air filters, but you’ll get a bonus when you come into Cartec Automotive during the month of May. We will offer a free checkup of your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system. Not only do we want you to breathe easy, but we also want you to stay cool, too! To take advantage of our free A/C system check, schedule an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you soon!