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Oh, Deer! It’s Hot August Nights

Photo byPedro Lastra onUnsplash


While Tulsa's Hot August Nights has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it sure hasn't canceled the Tulsa summer heatwave! Cartec Automotive Services knows how harsh the summer elements can be on your vehicle. Keep reading for some tips on what to check on your car as the summer heat blazes away!


Coolant Levels: While you should always keep an on your coolant levels, during the summer (and especially during August, the hottest month of the year), this is absolutely vital to your car's overall health! Also known as antifreeze, your engine coolant also contains ingredients that help prevent corrosion inside your car's engine parts. Check your owner's manual for the correct type to use, but make sure that you check this regularly, especially if you drive often. 


Check Your Suspension: At Cartec Automotive Services, we know nothing is quite like a summer road trip. But that also means that with that summer travel, there can be summer suspension issues as well! Some easy things to look out for that might say you've got suspension troubles are pulling to one side when driving, feeling every bump and dip while driving, or having trouble steering. If you suspect there are suspension issues, give us a call for a professional inspection!


Windshield Wipers: With increasing temperatures, you also increase the risk of windshield wipers cracking in the sun. The rubber on your wipers can become dry and brittle over time, leading to cracks and breakage. Go ahead and check for any cracks or breaks in your wipers, and change them out if need be! They should generally be replaced every six months to a year, so you may be due for new ones. 


Car Battery Checks: Summer has a tendency to make our engines work all the harder, and that includes your car battery. With the A/C blasting, road trips, and summer travels, it's no wonder! Go ahead and test your battery to ensure it's at the correct voltage. If you're still unsure, have it checked at your next preventive maintenance appointment. Keep in mind, car batteries generally last around three years. 


Cleaning Your Headlights: Lastly, make sure you keep up your headlights. We understand how easy it is to ignore the cleaning of your headlights, but there's nothing worse than having foggy headlights and you risk hitting a deer crossing your path at night. Pick up your favorite headlight cleaner and use those summer muscles to get your headlights shining again. If you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, Cartec Automotive Services will be happy to handle headlight restoration for you.

We hope that these simple tips and tricks to taking care of your car this summer help you now and later on down the road. To take advantage of our complimentary complete maintenance and safety check, schedule an appointment with Cartec Automotive Services. You’ll be glad you did!