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How to Get the Kids Involved with Car Care

Getting your kids involved with cleaning can be a difficult task, especially when you have little ones. They may be a few years from getting their driver’s license, but there’s no reason you can’t start their education early! Read on to learn more about how to get your kids involved with car care while they’re young that will turn into good driving habits when they’re older.

1.       Use parking lots as teachable moments.
Parking lots have so much going on at once that they make driving through them the perfect teachable moment for your kids. Driving through a parking lot is a great time to teach your kids to stay out of traffic, explain blind spots and backing up in your car, and learning how to interact with cars as a pedestrian. Teaching them about car safety and parking lot safety will go a long way in building confidence in your kids when around cars. You can take this a step further with siblings, and have the older kids teach the younger kids. Involving the whole family in conversation will help everyone stay safe for the long run.

2.       Keep your tires inflated.
When you’re at the gas station, along with teaching them how to pump the gas, pull around to the air compressor for a quick and fun lesson on how to check and refill the air on the tires. Show them what everything is, how the compressor works, and how to check the pressure. You can even show them where they should be able to find the PSI for the car!

3.       Wash the car together.
On top of saving money by going to the carwash, you can get in some quality time with the kids and teach them how to wash the cars. This can become a fun family activity for kids of all ages while helping instill an appreciation for the car as a piece of valuable property. While you’re all out there, this could be a useful time to pop the hood and get them familiar with the inner workings of your engine. 
We hope that these simple tips and tricks to introducing your kids to car care this summer help you now and later on down the road. To take advantage of our complimentary complete maintenance and safety check, schedule an appointment with Cartec Automotive Services. You’ll be glad you did!